Market Access

Being located on the trading floor of the NYSE, QMS DirectEx™ is in a unique position to offer invaluable market information alongside execution. This information helps add clarity in an ever fragmented and "dark" marketplace. From the NYSE floor QMS DirectEx™ has access to over 40 trading platforms providing our customers extended liquidity. Through this access, QMS DirectEx™ is able to offer executions beyond the NYSE listed securities such as ARCA and NASDAQ/UTP (Unlisted Trading Privelage) equities and ETF's. QMS DirectEx™ also offers our clients clearing services through BNY Convergex.

Market Information

From the start of the trading day our staff is able to access market information that is only available on the floor of the NYSE. Before the market opens, our brokers meet with DMM's at the point of sale and price out stock's opening prices for our customers. Throughout the day we are able to identify the buyers and sellers in any particular stock, helping to add clarity to an ever increasing fragmented and "dark" market. Additionally we are able to provide for our customers closing imbalances hours before the official 3:45 posting. As NYSE members we can also represent closing orders right up until the closing bell, well past the traditional 3:45 cutoff.